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Community-Led Environmental Action for Regeneration

    Key June 29th Event - Bring It In, Bring It On (see details opposite)  - don't miss it   

June 17 Update:  The first Open Day of the season was held amidst fine weather with plenty to entertain. There's an alternative event on 29th June (Bring It/On - a swapshop and advice/info fayre) so the next Open Day is 30th July. 

The prolonged dry spell has wrought some havoc with shrubs and trees planted in recent months. Without a proper bowser, volunteers were deployed to emergency watering duties around town but there are significant casualties.  That said, we've been amazed at the rate of growth in some sites such as the new Rising Sun Reserve.  Another round of shrub and wildflower planting has now taken place after recent rains.  All planters and hanging baskets for the town centre are planted and ready.

The draft Buckhaven Links! plans are awaited and should be completed by end of June.  The latest Heritage Project (Buckhaven Better Days) is underway with a Heritage Group meeting fortnightly.  Biking Buckhaven activities resumed as part of the Big Bike Revival with a series of repair clinics and cycle runs. Certain stretches of path are being improved thanks to active lobbying from volunteers.  

There's plenty on throughout June, both regular and special events so anyone interested in joining in is warmly welcomed.

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CLEAR proposes some necessary amendments to its constitution (produced 2012) in order to fulfil SEPA registration requirements as well as other tidying up and updating.   A Special General Meeting will be held on Tues 18th July 18.30 at 36 College St (as part of the regular monthly meeting) to discuss and agree necessary changes.  Copies here of current constitution and proposed amendments

Coming up at CLEAR...

  • Bring It In, Bring It On - 29 June 2017 [ more ]
  • CLEAR Monthly Meeting & Community Planning - 18 July 2017 [ more ]

CLEAR in action:

CLEAR Shop & Volunteer Hub

CLEAR Shop & Volunteer Hub

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