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CLEAR we are here?

Community-Led Environmental Action for Regeneration

UPDATE  September 2019

Update @ September 2019

Breakthrough in the Rail Campaign:  CLEAR has been celebrating the major boost to Levenmouth now coming down the tracks within 5 years with the announcement of the reopening of the rail-link and the Levenmouth Blueprint (seeking wider impact).  The Rail Campaign was a CLEAR initiative launched nearly 6 years ago which we encouraged other local activists to join.  The R in CLEAR stands for regeneration and, whatever good work we achieve at the grassroots, nothing will support this area's regeneration than the return of the trains.  CLEAR office bearers are still active in the Campaign, the Hub is the Campaign's registered office, and venue for the first few meetings.  It has been a long and challenging struggle but justice and reason have prevailed.   There is more to do for the Campaign and CLEAR will continue representing the community in the rollout of rail and associated works and the related River Leven Project.

New Arrangements:  With the ending of the Aspiring Communities Project, CLEAR has juggled reduced resources and will be open only two days per week from 1st September until 31st March (after that, we are in the dark) but with a regular weekend session added.  Volunteer sessions will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays (morning & afternoon), the same as the Community Fridge.  We plan a busy autumn programme of work and activities so hope more people will come along on those days or the designated weekend day to join in and lend a hand.  Buckhaven and Methil need much, much more green enhancement and we're now well into the harvest season. Donations of bikes, tools, plants and similar always welcome.

Setbacks:  The theft of our water bowser/trailer last week used to water plants out and about is a real blow .  Ongoing vandalism, including damage to planted trees and removalof planted shrubs mean we spend more time and money replacing items. 

Upcoming Events:  Despite the cutbacks, there is still plenty going on (as the Listings below show).  The CLEAR AGM is on 17th at Bield Braehead   

Visit 36 College St (Tues-Fri), Tel 01592-715021, email clearfife@aol.com 

or check our Facebook or web pages.

CLEAR - finalist in the prestigious national SURF awards for community-led regeneration 2017

CLEAR - Gold Award for Buckhaven in Beautiful Fife 2018 (Silver Gilt 2012-2017)

Green/Environmental Organisation of the Year 2017 - FVA Awards

RHS Its Your Neighbourhood 2018 Outstanding and Certificate of Distinction

Community Placemaking - a quick tour of some of CLEAR's work by Duncan Zuill

NEW - CLEAR April 2019 Community Newsletter out now

Volunteering Opportunities

Outdoors:  Join in anytime (for a session or more) in a wide range of therapeutic outdoor tasks in the community gardens at Buckhaven and Methil or out and about in green spaces around the town.

  • Morning session (Wed & Thurs) 9.45-12.15
  • Afternoon session  (Wed & Thurs) 13.15-15.15
  • Sunday - various

Alternative activities arranged in bad weather. (NB Closed from 21st Dec to 6th Jan)

Indoors.  A range of volunteering opportunities (eg reception, admin, survey, media and information, crafts heritage and more).  Anytime Tuesdays to Thursday 9.45-16.00.

We also need people to work from home doing a little research, or other information work.

We're also interested in anyone able to take part in monthly Management Committee meetings - every third Tues of each month 6.30-8pm)    

Bug Hunt

Beach Clean East Wemyss

Office Meeting


Mural - High Street

Lip Balm Making

Link to

Coming up at CLEAR...

CLEAR Shop & Volunteer Hub

CLEAR Shop & Volunteer Hub

 CLEAR Buckhaven - Registered charity SC043573 
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