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Rising Sun Orchard & Pond

Until a few years ago, this site on East High Street/Rising Sun Road housed flats, part of the unsuccessful redevelopment of lower Buckhaven in the 1960's and 1970's. The street became known for social problems and the eventual clearing of these flats and others in lower Buckhaven allowed more people-friendly housing to emerge.  

Since the site occupies such a key location close to Buckhaven centre, and linking the upper and lower parts of town, CLEAR took the opportunity to plant the unkempt grassed slopes to the south of the Collywell Steps with over 200 fruit trees and at least as many soft fruit bushes to create a community orchard. We've also installed seating. The site faces east and lies close to Rising Sun Road, hence the name. 

A pond has also been created to encourage wildlife and wildflowers planted.  Local schoolchildren have taken part in this rehabilitation work. Although we class this as wild orchard, not receiving the same degree of grass cutting and close attention as managed town orchards, CLEAR will endeavour to look after this site and has plans to install sculpture as well as planting additional wildflowers. If the trees survive, they may yield a fruitful harvest for local residents in years to come

 CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil- Registered charity SC043573 
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