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Conservation & Biodiversity

CLEAR actively promotes conservation and biodiversity work in Buckhaven and the surrounding countryside as part of overall work to transform the greenspace for the benefit of wildlife and the local population alike.   Specific tasks we carry out are

  • regular plantings of native trees on neglected greenspaces and the coastal Braes (at least 1,000 per year), and management of the community woodlands
  • planting of wildflowers
  • fostering biodiversity corridors along paths and parks through appropriate planting
  • installation of bird and batboxes, a bug motel at the Globe, wet scrapes at Starkies, beehive at the Growing Space, creation of ponds at Rising Sun orchard and much more
  • organising nature-oriented arts and crafts events with adults and children to better understand and interpret nature (mud painting, flower and leaf art)
  • organising batwalks and nature walks
  • natural heritage interpretation including three panels on the Coastal Path
  • regular community litterpick and especially shoreline cleanups
  • we run occasional sessions with the schools, Fife Coastal & Countryside Trust, Woodland Trust to carry out volunteer conservation work
  • working with Fife Council to plan for development of new sites that will be wildlife friendly,

Community woodlands, wildlife and more

Braes Planting

Conservation Leaflet
 CLEAR Buckhaven - Registered charity SC043573 
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