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CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil

Community-led Environmental Action for Regeneration:

Opening Times - Volunteer Activities resumed

Think Global ACT LOCAL - join in our efforts to combat climate change through practical grassroots actions.  More Levenmouth residents needed to make a vital difference

CLEAR activities have continued throughout the lockdown but at a reduced level and are now almost fully back in action. We still cannot accommodate organised groups but individual volunteers are very welcome to come along for a session at the two Community Gardens on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays.  the bike workshop is up and running for repairs and sales.

Autumn 2021 - Organised Volunteer activities every Weds and Thurs 10-3.30 (or come for a couple of hours) at Methil Community Garden (end of cul-de-sac off 24-26 Kirkland Drive) or Buckhaven Growing Space (entrance between 14-16 Omar Cres), also at the Sandwell Workshop (47 Sandwell St)

  • Community Gardens (Methil & Buckhaven) :  every Wed & Thurs 10-4

  • 47 Sandwell St Bike Repair & Sales:   every Thurs and Saturday 11.00- 15.00

  • 36 College St (sales of fruit, veg, info):  every Wed 10-4

  • Weekend events :  as advertised


CLEAR continue volunteer activities two days per week (Wednesdays &Thursdays) with occasional weekend events.

Weekly Update @ 5 September 2021:  It’s less than 2 months now until the world gathers in Glasgow on 1st November for COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference and perhaps the final chance for national governments across the globe to get serious. If not, then increased global warming and extreme weather events will affect every single life on this planet including the good people of Levenmouth, whether they wish to be involved or not.  So what can ordinary indi

viduals do?   Well apart from being more conscious in your own lifestyles in terms of rationing car and air travel, keeping home heating under control, reducing water use and reusing and recycling wherever possible, you can join in local community efforts.  Most of what CLEAR does day to day is environmentally positive, whether it’s running community gardens and producing and using fruit and vegetables, recycling bikes, tool and pallet wood, planting trees and wildflowers and much more.   All these not only help the carbon budget but actually make Buckhaven and Methil a nicer place to live.   To become part of a growing global movement, why not drop in and join us for a session or to, running every Wednesday and Thursday.  Next Sunday 19th Sept, we’ll carry out our annual Coastal Cleanup starting at Buckhaven old Harbour from 11-1.  Donations of bikes, tools and paint always welcome.  for more information, tel 07903366529, email clearfife@gmail.com or check our facebook pages 


Buckhaven Heritage Teatowel/Calendar (10th series in the series - very limited issue. 10 available at cost price £5.00 +P&P  


After a significant growth since 2018 (including work in Methil and the Sandwell Workshop), CLEAR has been rationalising activities from 2020 onwards.  Funding has been secured from the National Lottery, Robertson Trust and DTAS Resilience Fund, plus some others, to maintain a small cadre of staff and regular weekly volunteer programme.

For more information, drop into 36 College St Buckhaven (Tues-Thurs), tel: 01592-715021, email clearfife@gmail.com or check our facebook page.


Community Awards

Beautiful Fife - Gold​; Best Small Town in Fife
RHS/KSB Neighbourhood Award - Level 5 Outstanding (9 years running),
Fife Voluntary Action - Green Organisation of the Year 2017
SURF Community Led Regeneration - Finalist 2017, and others
FVA - Fife Volunteers of the Year (3 between 2011-17)
FVA - Young Volunteer of the Year 2019
FVA - Super Start Up 2019 Methil Garden


Celebrate Scotland’s Year
of Coasts and Waters 2021

2021 Tea Towel £3.00 each

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CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil for 2021 is funded by the following organisations...

 CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil- Registered charity SC043573 
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