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Levenmouth Rail Campaign

Monthly Updates and Photos

The Levenmouth Rail Campaign (LMRC) was initially a CLEAR initiative launched in 2014 to which other local activists rallied around.   The R in CLEAR stands for Regeneration. Whatever improvements we achieve at the grassroots, the return of the trains will have a greater positive impact. CLEAR office bearers remain active in the Campaign, the Hub is the Campaign's registered office, and venue for its first few meetings. It has been a long, challenging struggle but justice and reason have prevailed. There is more to do. CLEAR will continue representing the community rolling out the railway, Blueprint and River Leven Project.

The culmination of the community's hard lobbying work occured when the Scottish Government approved the line's reopening by 2024 for passengers and freight. There will be stations at Leven and Cameron Bridge. Detailed survey and preparatory work is underway. Click for Levenmouth Rail Campaign website http://levenmouth.co.uk

Community suggestions: More than 70 suggestions have been made on how the Levenmouth rail project should benefit local communities. A workshop was recently held with a range of key areas discussed. Areas covered include the possible location for the new station, car parking provision and integration with other forms of transport.

Improvements to the local High Street and connections with other developments including the River Leven and Leven Whale projects were also mentioned.

Fife Council is hoping a consultation with locals on the station's location will start this month. Click here for more information https://www.kingdomfm.co.uk/news/local-news/more-than-70-suggestions-made-on-how-levenmouth-rail-project-should-shape-communities/

Levenmouth Rail Campaign

Transport Scotland

The reopening of the link to Levenmouth and the rail network is to be taken forward to the next stage of development alongside new bus and active travel provision, following an assessment of transport links in the area.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson confirmed the news today when he met council leaders and local community groups.  A proposed rail link with stops in Leven and Cameron Bridge combined with improved bus services as well as cycling and walking facilities emerged as the best performing options in the Levenmouth Sustainable Transport Study. 

The appraisal concluded that these measures would enhance employment opportunities as well as access to education, health and leisure services.

The project will now go forward to the detailed design phase with initial estimates of construction and preparation costs of around £70 million. Mr Matheson also committed an additional £5 million to a Levenmouth Blueprint fund available to partners to maximise the benefits of the Scottish Government investment in the area.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson said:

“I am extremely pleased that the case has been made for the Levenmouth rail link and I look forward to seeing this project being taken forward to the next stages of design.

“The detailed appraisal work that has been carried out suggests that improved transport links, which give Leven a direct rail link to the capital, will lead to an enhanced local economy, bringing better access to employment and education and the potential for new investment. Easier and more sustainable travel options will make it easier for people to reach hospitals, schools and visit other areas of the country as well as giving better access to Levenmouth.

“I would like to acknowledge the hard work of local MSPs, elected members and interest groups who have campaigned for the reopening of this line and I look forward to working with all partners to realise all of the benefits that improved connectivity can bring.”

 CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil- Registered charity SC043573 
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